Problem with "Error fetching Cordova plugin"

Problem with "Error fetching Cordova plugin"


Hello supporter,

When I tried to deploy my app on Android side. I got the bellow error message:

The following errors have occurred:
• Android: Error fetching Cordova plugin:

Please help me if I can change the url for plugin url to fetch. In this case, I think the url for pulling codova is outed update and need to change the fetching URL.


Thang Nguyen

Hi Thang Nguyen,

From the URL one should be redirected to the Github page with the plugin. In your case the url returns a 404 page, which means that the URL is not correct and you should change this URL to a working one.

I've googled the plugin and found the following URL:

Take a good look at the dash between "plugin" and "dialogs". You can update this in the Outsystems Plugin eSpace > Module > Advanced > Extensibility Configurations > Change the URL in the popup.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga