How to check if upload file is specified before upload.

I'm trying check if upload file is specified before upload.

I use Upload widget on WebSceen, but "Mandatory" property is not found.

Please advise me  about this.



The Upload widget doesn't have client-side validation and is not working with Ajax Submit, because it specific server validation.

You can check the size of the uploaded file as the first action after the submit and end the flow with some sort of feedback.

Or you can use js to validate before uploading (try this thread on how to read the uploadwidget client-side in the onChange:

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Remco Dekkinga


Thank for  your kindly reply.

I'll try it by using jQuery.


i want to asked how to know my upload file size?

have any code i can use in action?
Please advice.
Thank u

Hi Grace,

Can you open a new thread? This one was already answered and to keep better track of different questions, we would like to see them in separated threads. 

Please also let us know if you want it before or after uploading the file. 

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