I'm having some trouble with the Modal and Calendar SilkUi elements.

When using the Calendar inside a modal it doesn't appear underneath the assigned textbox but quite a bit to the right from where it would supposedly appear.

Has anyone dealt with this problem before?


Alexandre Santos

Hi Alexandre,

The calendar has indeed some issues if it's shown in a modal.
I was able to minimize the problem by setting the "Align" propertie of the calendar widget to "L".

Hope, this helps.



Thanks for the reply Niels,

unfortunately this solution won't work.

The calendar still looks very out of place and if my Input Field is aligned to the right on the modal, the calendar appears off-screen. 


Alexandre Santos

What is your use case to use a modal? Can't u use a popup?
Modals are commonly used to display information , not for forms.

I'm avoiding popups and using modals to save on Application Objects. This specific modal would contain two calendars where users can specify a beginning and end date.