Hi Everyone,

 I have a requirement to export the application data into xml,

 i have more then 400 column from 60 table, i need to export the data based on the user selection, and user can select n number of field.

My approach:- 

1- Create a structure of maximum column(400),

2:- Dynamic string of query based on the user selection.

3:-Run a advance query using Dynamic string of query.

4:-Record list to xml.

4:-Replace the structure attribute name with user selected field name from xml.


its working fine with 5000 records, but if the records are more 5000 then getting the performance issue. its taking a time while  removing and replacing a string from xml.

my question:-

1:- Is it a right approach? if not then please share the better one.

2:-Is there any way to get the record list with user selected field name(Headers) not the structure attribute name so that i can save the time from replacing and removing the data, from approx 40 mb of Xml .


Rajendra Singh

Hi Rajendra,

This is more of a specific question for the XML Records team. Iirc, it's possible to specifiy a mapping, but I can't recall the details.