Receive Push Notification with Firebase on Mobile App

Hi All ,

I have a use case that need to integrate with a third-party to receive push notification.

What i need is registering token for my device with FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), then saving it to my server.

After that i can send push notification to that device.

Is there any way or any plugin can help me to do this ?

As i know that can use Pushwoosh plugin to send and receive notification , but i need to do the send notification on my server using my own API. Can i do this with OutSystem ?

It'll be great if someone can help with step-by-step example.


Hello Vinh,

Unfortunately you will have to create your own push notification Cordova plugin. (with FCM implemented)

You can use outsystems to wrap that plugin. 



Hi Vinh,

Since there's no Forge Component for Firebase-based mobile messaging, your best chance is to encapsulate a Cordova plugin (like this one) and use that. Not trivial, I'm afraid.