how to disable sharing between charts ?

I am using normally a line chart and I decided to add a funnel chart. After download the morecharts from forge the two graphics now show the chart context menu. Someone knows how to remove a reference to disable the chart context ?  This is bringing another problem to my application. When I create another funnel chart, the clickable action happens twice...

Thanks for any tip



Hello Luck,

To remove the export menu, add the following code to the AdvancedFormat parameter on the LineChart:

AdvancedFormat_Init(DataPointFormats:,DataSeriesFormats:, XAxisJSON:,YAxisJSON:,HighchartsJSON:"{exporting:{enabled:false}}")

And the following code on the JSON parameter on the FunnelChart:




Hi Rodrigo,

    thanks for the code. The chart context menu vanished. 

Have a good weekend.