[Local Notifications Plugin] Custom smallIcon on Android notifications?

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Published on 6 May by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 6 May by OutSystems R&D


Is it possible to set small icon for android devices so instead of default popup icon it can show custom one? on version 9 I could put it manually into res folder and use it. How to do it now?

Thank you

smallIconUriUri of the resource (only res://) to use in the notification layouts. Different classes of devices may return different sizes
- Default: res://ic_popup_reminder


Because I also want to this custom icon for OneSignal Push Notifications... 

Strangely on Android, all notifications did not use application icon, but instead default to white bell icon. 

Even more strange was when I also received these notifications on my Android Watch, it showed correct application icon on watch, but on android phone itself only a white bell icon.

I think this is Android issue, but workaround is there... 

We need to put a resource file containing icon with certain name.

How to do that on Outsystems 10 Mobile apps? 

Thanks in advance...