Hi guys,

Has any of you encountered the same problem as mine.

I get an error message like this:

"Invalid Data Type
'Text, Phone Number, Email or Entity Reference (Text)' data type required instead of 'Integer'."

This happens every time i add a new entity, whether through add reference of through add entity locally.

Any advice would be appreciated!



Hi Manuel,

I need more context in order to help you. Can you share a screenshot of the problem?


I'm having the same problem in the OS 10.0.302.

When I import the entities from Oracle datasource, some columns defined in the Oracle as number are modified in the Integration Studio to text. 

If I change these columns in the Integration to Decimal I have an error during the compiling "Invalid Data Type
'Text' data type required instead of 'Decimal'.

This same extension in the OS 9.0 was deployed correctly with these columns as decimal.

The problem was related the default value of the number columns that came from table retrieve as "0" where We are not able to clean this field because it is readOnly.

Maybe, when the compiler try compile it, check the default value "0" (included ") and understand that this column should be text instead of decimal. 

The work around was change the column type in the Integration to binary that clean the default value automatically and back the type to decimal.

After that, the Integration could compile successfully.