Bootstrap Currency from Excel

Bootstrap Currency from Excel


I created an Entity which has a currency attribute. I cannot bootstrap it from excel. I tried general, number, currency, text type from excel but it never exports the data to Outsystems. It works if the attribute of the entity was Integer which I changed it back to Currency. But this seems a simple thing to do which suppose to work.

Did I miss something? Anyone experience the same issue? Any help is appreciated.

what issue exactly?

do you get errors? 

The whole bootstrap works but you zeroes in the fields.

Can you share the excel and the oml?

Perhaps it's a decimal issue...

No error...but the column mapping is empty for currency. So the result all 0 for currency column. The last 2 columns are currency on Entity.

This is the mapping....Sorry I cannot attach 2 files at the same post. So here it is.


So apparently I must dig deep to the processes tab and modify it there