Image Action


I want to click on the image to appear the subtitles.

It's simple to do but on outsystems I'm not getting it.

This image was not created in outsytem.

Please help me.

Thank you.


If you have a solution implemented in HTML, CSS and Javascript it is possible to translate to outsystems easily.

The event that causes appear/disappear the subtitles is javascript or css?

Do you have a simple example that you can share?

Hi Rogério,

The simplest way that I can think of is to write a Javascript function here on the webpage:

which takes an element's id as parameter. Put a label on the page under the image, give that label a name, and set visible to hidden in css for the label. And then select the image and in the extended properties of that image, set an onclick (property: onclick, value: "changevisibility("")") event that calls the javascript function to change visibility of element passed as parameter. 

Let me know if you have any questions.




Hello Gurvinder,

I will try to do as you have informed.

Thank you.