Integrations Log is creating records even when we have the activity logging unchecked

Hi guys,

so basically the Title says all.

All our eSpaces have the Activity Logging unchecked.

This was done, manually, i.e. we went on every single eSpace, tab Operation - Activity Logging, and unchecked it.

Yet, our integrations log is still creating records like there was no tomorrow.

 I understand that we need to have the logs that returns errors, but for now, we don't care about all the others.

Is there anything else that we need to do to stop getting those logs?

Thanks for any help!

Nelson Freitas

Hi Nelson,

Indeed it looks like it's respecting the Activity Logging configuration. I don't see any way to workaround it.

Can you open a Support Ticket so this can be properly handled?

João Rosado

Hi João,

yeah, I did that before creating this post. But then I've remembered "maybe someone from the community already have been through this before, let me check".

Thank you,

Nelson Freitas