[OnTrack] Delete the "Directory Sample app"

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Published on 2017-05-08 by Labs
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Published on 2017-05-08 by Labs

In the OnTrack app, how can I DELETE the "Directory Sample app"?

I did check the "hidden" box, but a) it still shows in the Dashboard drop-down list - and - it's taking up space in my DB.

How can I delete the sample app?

Hello Bruce.

I checked the code and there is an action to make hard delete to the Projects. DeleteAllData() in eSpace OT_Core.

To reset all application data, run the eSpace OT_Seeder DeleteAllData timer.

From that moment you will have the application completely clean and ready to use with your projects.



Ah, well ... that would work great if I had not already starting using it for two of my apps.

I actually have a whole week's worth of activity in there now.

Anyway to delete ONLY the one demo app/project?

Hi Bruce,

Currently there is no way to do it.

But it should be easy to implement it.

I will look into the code and try to create an API to delete a specific application.


That would be great, thanks! Always trying to manage the number of objects in our environments.