Keyboard overlay pop up and do not pushes screen up (mobile)


The Keyboard Mobile is having a strange behavior. 

Even with the Login screen from Sil UI template.

Look the problem when keyboard opens, it overlays

How to push the screen up?

And the problem reocurrs even with Login Template screen from Outsystems or Silk UI.

How to resolve?

And another problem is to click GO ("Ir" in portuguese), the same as Enter on mobile, the keyboard do not close. How to change the behavior in mobile since there is no Default option, just like in Web app.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Luan,

Does this happens on a generated mobile app or inside OutSystems Now?

Regarding the ENTER behavior you'll have to do some javascript to listen for ENTER keypress and click on the button.

Hi João, 

Good question. I only tried in outsystems now so far. You think at generated it will work? Ill try later then.

And about ENTER behavior, whats the best choice to run javascript inside mobile app? Inside a block? 

Could you write the best code to do it?  I would really apreciated. 

Thanks for great support!