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Published on 13 Jan by Grazina
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Published on 13 Jan by Grazina


I'm using FullCalendar2 in my project and trying to implement the BusinessHour function into it ( When I say BusinessHours: True it works like a charm. Also when I use 

businessHours: {    // days of week. an array of zero-based day of week integers (0=Sunday)    
                dow: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ] // Monday - Thursday    
                start: '10:00', // a start time (10am in this example)    
               end: '18:00', // an end time (6pm in this example)


But when I try using the array (different business hours for different days) it acts like I'm using "businessHours: True" and shows the default hours; 9-17. 

Has anyone had this problem and maybe has the answer for me how to fix it? 

With best regards,


I figured out what the problem is, the thing I'm trying to accomplish is in V2.9.1 but the component uses V2.6.1. Is there any chance of an upgrade in the near future? 

Sure! It's there! Please beware I've had to upgrade jQuery to 3.1.1, check if it conflicts with other parts of your application.

Please keep that feedback coming!



Genius! Thank you so much. Worked like a charm :)

You're welcome! Thanks

Hello Íris,

I've received confirmation that including jquery 3.x breaks Platform's clientside functions, so i've unmarked the last version from stable.

Please, let me know if you run into trouble using that jQuery version.

Kind Regards,

João Grazina


Yeah, I'm getting an error so I have to back up a version. But thank you for the help :) 

With best regards,