I have a Webblock that implements this JavaScript "http://igorescobar.github.io/jQuery-Mask-Plugin/", it auto formats input fields, so a user entering "4075551212" actually sees "(407) 555-1212".

On a website with Firefox or Chrome or on the Outsystems Now on iOS, the number entered produces the above desired effect, but on Android, I get "(075) 121-2554".

It occurs because the input cursor does not recognize that the underlying field changed ... yet on iOS it worked fine.

Is this a problem with Outsystem Now or a setting on Android?  or perhaps something the JavaScript should be doing.

Hello Ian.

What version of OutSystems Now are you using?

I was able to use it correctly in OutSystems Now on an Android phone (using an iframe to open the example page).

v2.0.4 (the latest)  I'm using it on a Galaxy Tab A Tablet (O/S v5.1.1)

Hello Ian

Can you try with another device? Am empty app with just an iframe or one field yields the same result?

I don't have access to other devices.

I suppose it's possible the webblock does something that interferes with how it works.  However, since it functions everywhere else but Android, I have to assume it's something about the Android, either in it's configuration or possibly in how Now is implemented on Android.  But if it's working for you, it looks like some kind of weird configuration issue on the Android itself, and not necessarily something with Now.

This problem is resolved, it appears to be an android configuration issue because I reformed the device and application worked fine afterward.