Simple User Login


I am very new to Outsystems and looking to see if this would be a viable option for my company.  I like the platform although I am very frustrated at the lack of real "Getting Started" information and tutorials.  Most tutorials are just Powerpoint style presentations and lack real hands on substance.  

I really need some very basic help on setting up a login screen.  I have added users and assigned groups. I am using the basic login template, I have dragged all my input boxes into the correct locations.  How do I set variables and set up the logic to make this all work.  Again, this is so basic that it should have been in a basic use tutorial.

Any help would be very very appreciated.  I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it is to try and self teach a new program with so little in the way of basic tutorials.  I am sure I will be back with more. 

Hello Justin.

The outsystems tutorials do not explain how to make a login page because when you create an eSpace the login page is created automatically.

If you prefer to apply custom styles, move the position inputs etc you can do it easily on the Flow Common Login page. See attached image.