GetURL(): modified value when called in another module


I have a web page and a webblock placed on it, that comes from another module. When I call GetURL() from the page's Preparation I get the answer I expect:

<the server>/<the path>?<param>=<value>

But when I call the same GetURL() from the webblock's Preparation the answer is different:

<the server>/<the path>?_ts=<some number>

Do I do something wrong or is it some on-purpose behavior? Is it possible to get from the inside of the webblock (in such a configuration of components) the original URL?



Hello Tomasz,

I was just testing this scenario, and I'm getting the same URL from the page preparation, a webblock, or a referenced webblock...

Can you send me a small sample where I can replicate this behavior? 



I also agreed with Rodrigo ,

No matter where are you calling the method (In webblock or page prepration ) it should always give you the same url of the parent .



I disagree with Rodrigo.

I also experience the same behaviour.

I also disagree with both Rodrigo and Pramod.

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