How can I check camera, photos, contacts or location permission on native app ?

Thank you.

Hi Okzan,

What do you mean by "check"? The things you mention are PlugIns you can download from the Forge. Each of these has a Check method that returns whether the plugin/device is available.

Hi Kilian,

The check methods in the plugin are only controlling accessibility of that plugin.

I want to check this (on picture) permission.

Ah, right, I see what you mean. I would assume that if there's no right the plugin can't load, but I'm not sure.


Hello OzKan.

Not sure if you can do it without a third party plugin like the cordova-plugins-diagnostic (GitHub here )



Hi César,

Thank you for your reply. It was excatly the plugin I want.

You can find my example on attachment.

Hello Ozkan.

Great work! Maybe you could share it in the OutSystems Forge with other users in the future? :)

Here are some guidelines on creating plugins, might be useful.

Thanks and, again, great work!

I Fully agree with Cesar Afonso. You could share it in forge. I will be a good contribution to the community