MySQL detail screens. I am missing somthing!

I have referenced an extension that handles MySQL 5.7 data from a server database. This seems to work properly, because I can view the data in the studio, and if I drag the aggregate to the screen it creates a functioning list which works perfectly.

Where I have hit the wall is that I can't create screens to edit the data or view detail. I've gone though all the documentation I could not find an answer. In my list screen, if I click a field and say link to a new screen, it is created properly. According to the documentation, I should then place a container and form on the new screen, and drag the same data aggregate to it to generate the detail screen. HERE'S THE PROBLEM: When I try to drag the data to the form, the drag action is prevented (I get the red circle icon). It also looks like I should be able to generate a new screen by dragging the data aggregate to the main flow area. 

I can't ever drag the data to that screen--it is always prevented. It also appears that the documentation on line is showing slightly older versions of OS, like the green icon for START. I never have that on my flow workspace.

This is a "mobile" app, and I think it's using the Silk UI, though I'm not sure how to tell if it is or not. I did install it, but I don't know exactly how to determine if it's active (or even included) in an application.

The short question is: Why can't I drag my MySQL data aggregate to more than one screen? Or, am is there a different way to do it. This is clearly a newbe question, but I can't figure it out. Thanks.

Hi John,

From what I understand, you are trying to use the first aggregate you created for the list screen in your other screens. That won't work, each screen must have its own data sources, so each time you want to access data on a screen, you must add an aggregate to it.

You can do that by creating an aggregate under the screen, then dragging it into the UI:

Or by simply dragging the entity directly from the data tab, which automatically creates an aggregate for you:

In this tutorial, you can find a quick guide to creating your first list and form screens.

About dragging an entity to the screen flow: that feature is only available for web applications, not mobile ones. The reasoning behind this is that web applications have fairly common use cases, and we are able to automatically generate the screens for you. Mobile interfaces are much more interactive and unique to each application, so it's harder for us to predict what our developers need and automate it.

If you have any other question, or if my explanation was not clear, please let me know.


Sara Cruz