I'm trying to use rangeslider but it's killing the page in Google Chrome and Firefox.

I'm using it on a form. When I click save, I do a ajax click to save the data in database and turn the form in a show record (not editable). In the process, when the server action ends, the page gets killed.

If I delete the rangeslider, the page works perfectly.

What am I doing wrong?


Hello Otacon,

Any chance you can provide us the module where this error is happening? It would make it easier to understand the problem.


Hi Otacon,

Please share sample module.

I'll try to attach it today because I can't share the original one :)

Hey guys,

Here's the sample. It's an ugly sample :)

If you click in the first link, it will change between edit/view mode. When you are in edit mode, change the value and click "Ok" button - the page will "die"

I just tested it and in fact this results in an infinite loop... I'll contact the team so they can take a look.

Thanks for reporting!

Hello Otacon,

There was indeed an issue which was solved, is the issue urgent on your end? If so we'll send you an espace with a copy of the slider with the fixes (and in that case you'd have to give us which version of silk you're using). This fix will be up next time that we release a new version of Silk.

On a side note, I noticed that you aren't using the default template and this might bring you problems. I would suggest that you read this on the Silk UI Web part.

Thank you for reporting!

Hi Rita,

When do you think you'll launch a new version? I'm using the latest one (I'm almost sure of this).

Only the sample is not using the default template :) Thanks for the note

We are thinking on releasing the new version sometime next week.

Which platform are you currently working with? 10?

Good, just wanted to be sure :)

Ok Rita. It works for us! Thanks for the effort!