Platform (on-premises), SilkUI 2.2.1, Jquery 1.8.3, Select2 component with ListBox.

For some reason, multiselect is not possible with Select2 component, although I've enabled selection mode = 'multiple' for list box.

If looking at the examples in https://select2.github.io/examples.html#multiple, using [CTRL] key I can click multiple values before the dropdown closes.

When used from Outsystems context, configuration is the same as in native example: <select> html element I'm referring to with Select2 widget (with css class) has attribute:


but still, multi-select is not possible. If I click an item in list with (or without) [CTRL] key, dropdown closes.

What am I missing?

This is really curious... idk but maybe SilkUI is using an old version of the select2 javascript API.