how to filter an aggregate using a list ?

Hi all,

   I need to show two status available in an aggregate (scheduled and in progress, for example) and I don´t know how to filter them based on a list that I receive as input parameter. Someone knows ?


Hi Luciano,

Please provide more explanation.

Hi Suraj,

    I created a sample. I have activities and activities status. I want to filter the closed and cancelled status. These status are inside a list and I want to refer to them in the filter of aggregate.


So what I understand is you only want to display "scheduled" and "In Progress" records.

So you can create aggregate, in filter condition check activity status is either "Planning" or "In Progress" but before executing that aggregate you need to write function which will check current status from input parameter. (You need to traverse list of input parameter to check status)

So in aggregate you will only check status either Inprogress or Planning. Aggregate should only be executed based on the result of function.

Check screen print. I hope this helps.

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Suraj Borade

Attached file contains how you should pass activitystatusId in aggregate. Please refer sequentially.

first - activity1

second - activity2