Runtime Configuration - cannot change effective URL of consumed REST API


I have a very annoying problem.

Situation: A working REST API in development. The URL of the consumed REST API dit get a name change, so I changed the URL of the REST API in Webcenter to the new name. After publishing the new REST API worked fine.

Then I deployed it to test (the old situation was already in Test).

After deploying I tried to change the Effective URL of the REST API so it points to the Test-environment. The URL was filled - as expected - with the URL from Dev but to my surprise, the effective URL was already filled with the old default URL (with the old name).

The problem is that It cannot be changed in Service Center/Integrations, the Effective URL is read-only.

What can I do to enter the new Effective URL?


The problem with changing the effective URL was due to a lack of privileges. I changed it, and now its ok.

Still very strange that the Effective URL was filled with the old default URL. Bug?