Does anyone know why the platform sometimes adds a span after the list record and sometimes does not?

I have the same web component in 2 different screens and the html is different on both the screens.

The Good HTML   (Screen 1)

<span id="DT_Theme_wt33_block_wtMainContent_DT_Theme_wtTest_block_wtCustom_Table_wtListRecords" class="CustomTable-row-group">
<div id="DT_Theme_wt33_block_wtMainContent_DT_Theme_wtTest_block_wtCustom_Table_wtListRecords_ctl00_DT_Theme_wtContentRow_block_wtContent" class="CustomTableRow">

The Bad HTML   (Screen 2)

<span id="DT_Theme_wt40_block_wtMainContent_DT_Theme_wtTable_block_wtCustom_Table_wtListRecords" class="CustomTable-row-group">
<div id="DT_Theme_wt40_block_wtMainContent_DT_Theme_wtTable_block_wtCustom_Table_wtListRecords_ctl00_DT_Theme_wt17_block_wtContent" class="CustomTableRow">

Does anyone know why is this happening?

Hi Norman,

Thanks for reaching out. Do you have an OML we can take a look at in order to get more information?



Hi All,

For what i have tested i found that if you put an ajax refresh to the ListRecords it will create that span around each row.