how to run an action after each 10 minutes ? (I intend to show an alert)

I would like my system shows an alert on determined time/hour.  I tried to use timers (process tab) but I didn´t find any option to enable my action run itself after each 10 minutes.  Someone already had this problem and solved ?

Thanks for any help


To solve this case you must create a web block with javascript that makes for example a click on a link that calls the screen action with the logic of the alert.

Javascript should have something like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
  setTimeout(function(){ $('#linkId').click(); }, 3000);


3000 is the number of milliseconds the link will be clicked.
This number must be set to the desired date time.

Hi Diogo,

   once this code is loaded it will be available if I change the page ?  I need it runs even in background.

Thanks for your last reply