Initiating a VPN connection

I am in the process of developing a VPN app and I am enquiring as to how I can initiate a VPN connection using credentials from an external RADIUS server. It this possible using outsystems? And if so.. any guidance on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Euan,

what do you mean a VPN app? Is that something like an app that starts a VPN connection?

yes, exactly like that


I think you can establish it with an extension.

and do something like:

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("rasdial.exe", "VPNConnectionName VPNUsername VPNPassword");

perhaps this works as well

So, if you go like J says, you'll start a VPN connection in your server... not sure if that's what you want. I imagine that you want your web app user to start a vpn connection from his laptop, so that his desktop connects to an office or something. If so, you need some sort of a browser extension so that the connection is actually made from the laptop.

That is obviously nothing that is built in the Outsystems platform. Doesn't your VPN provider has a software to do that? All the ones I know already have this...