How to remove AUDIO_RECORD permission from my app

Using outsystems 10 personal environment.

I experimented briefly with the HTML5_goodies for recording audio. Later I removed all dependencies and  references.

The app builds perfectly and works fine, however andriod still claims my app need permission for audio recording (AUDIO_RECORD). How can I remove this from the application?

Thanks for any guidance here!

Hi Hans,

That permission comes on by default and its not possible to remove.

Okayyyy, but it is strange that every app build with outsystems would need that permission. Can you explain why this is the case?


Hi Hans,

As João Neves said, that permission comes by default, and it is not possible to remove.

We intended to make App Feedback available right out of the box, and this feature requires the AUDIO_RECORD permission. However, the feature is not yet available (for mobile), but the AUDIO_RECORD permission remains there. Nevertheless, we're working on making AppFeedback available for mobile apps, and we expect to release it early Q2 this year. Furthermore, we're working on simplifying permissions and designing a better user experience as well, so as to avoid asking for permissions when they are not needed.

You find more about App Feedback here.


Ricardo Alves