issue with new mobile app using list with expandable sections and list

I have a expandable section on my mobile app dashboard.  Inside the section expandable is a list, inside the list item is an expression and a container with a few buttons.  Odd behaviour I am seeing is that when you load the app, click to expand the list and then scroll, the expression whites out within the middle 3/5ths of the page.  So if you are scrolling up/down in the list, the buttons are always visible, however when the list items are in the center section of the screen (it seems to be about the center 3/5ths, the text whites out.  I don't know if its still there but just whited out or if the text is disappearing.  End result is that you can't see it.

Any ideas?

Hi Jason,

Can share a screenshot of the problem?

just took a video from another phone of me scrolling with my iphone.  Hopefully have a youtube link shortly here.

No permissions.

Video attached.

So we updated our server last night to the most up to date version.  Note: we DID NOT update silk mobile.  It looks like this fixed the issue as its no longer appearing on the page.  Why? No idea.

Hi so at which version you upgraded to?

I'm having appearance issue with Section Expandable too please look at