Front end server defaulted to, is it normal?

Hi, on my on-premised server, I notice the front end server was defaulted to, not using hostname or server ip.

Is it normal?



After changing IP address to correct one, then rebooting the server, it goes back to again...

Any help?

Is this normal behavior for standalone server?

I would think it isn't. I'll ask around to see what can cause this.

Thanks for replying...

My server is Java stack standalone


Hi Harlin, 

The front-end nodes auto-register themselves when services are started. 

In configuration tool , there's a section under Farm configuration that looks like this:

Local IP Address for Front-End Registration:
  1 - (automatic)
  2 -
      or enter an address


This should be the Ip the front-end node uses for the Registration.

Can you validate what is the ip used there?

Either way, if you only have 1 front-end node, I would not worry a lot with that setting, 

because it's purpose is for you to determine which server is which and there's only 1.