Multi-line editing using “Editable Table” Record Widget

I have a requirement for a web screen to do multi-line update so I used the “Editable Table” Record Widget.

However, my "business user" finds it tedious to press the yes/no pop-up button for each and every record. 

Then, I hidden the yes/no pop-up through CSS coding. But, when I tried to edit a record without the yes/no pop-up button this would restrict me to go other records until such time I hit the "enter" key. Which is not possible when I am accessing the app in mobile devices.

Is there an alternative to this? Appreciate your response on this. Thank you in advance.

Please provide more explanation.

I added these codes to my CSS. 

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.EditableTable tr.Selected + tr.RowControlGroup .ControlActions {
  display: none

Now, the yes/no pop-up no longer displays but I cannot shift to other record once I edited a single record.

So basically, the process stops once I selected a record.

My goal is to use the "Editable Table" minus the yes/no pop-up and do a one-time save (into Salesforce) of all the records  that I updated in the "Editable Table".

Thank you!


Hi Raymond,

I am afraid that you won't be able to achieve that behavior with the EditableTable widget.

This widget is designed to allow you create or edit multiple records on an entity in a easier way. However it is not designed for saving multiple records in a one-time way. 

If you really want that behavior I would suggest you to create that pattern using the TableRecords widget. Being a basic element, it has more flexibility on adding new logic and features.

Let me recommend you to check the EditableTableExamples component where you can see "How to make a TableRecords behave like an Editable Table?"


Luís Figueiredo


Thank you so much Luís Figueiredo for your response. I'll try this using the Table Records widgets instead.


Raymond Reyes