[Event System] SlowExtension on Java stack platform 9.1

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Published on 24 Mar (2 days ago) by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 24 Mar (2 days ago) by leonardo.fernandes

When using the Trigger and EventHandler from the Events application, we see in the log entries of SlowExtension (see attachment).

We see this happening since we upgraded our platform to version 9.1, on all our environments (DEV, TEST,ACC,PROD), and it differs between 200 ms and 800 ms per log. The Events version we are using is 9.5.2.

We already tried rolling back to the previous version of the Events application, but this doesn't improve the performance.

Can anyone help us with this? Thanks in advance!

Hi Erica.

The way the Event System works is by using reflection. That process is really fast (should be in the order of 1ms for each call, maybe less).

But... with each event invocation, a screen action is called, the OnNotify action that you registered on the event handler. The event invocation doesn't finish until the screen action finishes. So, if your screen action takes 500 ms to finish, the whole event invocation would have lasted 500 ms (plus a small overhead). The slow extension logs will pick up that time and register as a slow extension call. But note that most of the time was spent on the screen action.

Since this is the most probable explanation for your observations, I would like to ask you to review the performance of the event handler's screen action. If by then you still believe that a great portion of that time is due to the Event System extension, then we can follow up with a more detailed investigation.


Leonardo Fernandes

Hi Leonardo,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Last week me and my colleague (Niek Oosterbeek) looked into the performance of the screen action, to make sure that this wasn't causing the slowextension. The performance of the actions within the screen actions where only about 3 to 5 ms, so this is not causing the problem.

Today the performance of the extension is still very slow, where the slowextension on Production is even much slower than on DEV, so therefore we are having huge performance issues.

We already tried to replace the Event with all the other previous versions. Either this resulted in the same or in not working at all.

What we would really like to do is debug the extension to see which part is taking so much time!

Is this possible?


Erica and Niek

Our platform is version 9.1.603.0 by the way.

Don't know if it matters, but better safe than sorry :)

Hello Erica, I've published a newer version (9.1 and 10), which should solve any performance problems, specially on the java stack.

Could you please confirm that it solves your problem?