Input AutoComplete inside Editable Table

I'm trying to use an Input Autocomplete Widget inside an Editable Table. When I link the AutoComplete widget to the input field of the Editable Table, the line just disappears from the page, displaying just the header. 

Did anyone ever try to do this? Any workarounds?

Thanks in advance,

Márcio Lima.


Ok, I've finally manage to do it. 

The Input Autocomplete Widget must be inside the row of the Editable table.

Hope it helps somebody else.


Hi Márcio, fellow community,

I just had related question to your scenario, though in my case I'm using a TableRecord. 

Question is: how do you fetch the user's selected value from the autocomplete list (within a TableRecord)? As far as I know, RichWidgets\Input_AutoComplete_GetIdentifier action is not prepared for List variables...

Thanks for any clarification!

Hey Pedro,

I don't see why it won't work, you should be able to get the identifier within the On Change event of the input. 

Did you try that? What is your specific scenario?