Error using Silk UI's tooltip inside If

I am trying to use SilkUI's tool-tip with one of the buttons and what I want to achieve is that the button should be disabled until user completes the form and they see a tool-tip when they hover over the button that "Complete this form to continue". 

So what I have done for this is I have put a condition on the Enabled and I have put a tool-tip associated with the button and I have put tool-tip inside an if so that it doesn't show when form is completed. But the issue is tool-tip doesn't work when it is inside that if but it works when it is not inside if.

Anyone knows what could be causing this?

FYI I'm on Service Studio 9.1 and Silk UI is 2.2 and I'm getting following error in browser's console:

But the code for tool-tip is there: