'Field' is already used in other widget(s). Review the screen logic ...

Hi, I'm working on a quite complex form as a webblock - the definition of input fields types (text, radiobutton, dropbox ...) on the form is stored in a database, so the form should be dynamically prepare during runtime. Now, I have a series of Ifs on the webblock level which decide on a suitable input widget, depending from the necessary data type.

All widgets in these nested Ifs should bind to the same field in the database for their value - but only one widget will be chosen in runtime. During development though there comes the message:

"Duplicate Bind: '<field>' is already used in other widget(s). Review the screen logic to use '<field>' in only one widget."

I tried to use webblocks to enclose each of these widgets, and it works, it seems. Is there any easier way? I'm afraid that the number of webblocks on different two to three levels in my final soulution will be around 15. Is this problematic for performance reasons?


create a structure with the different possible fields.

when saving map the "active" attribute to the database.

please note that Outsystems is made for "static binding" so you can design workable pages where you don't have to worry much about runtime-issues.


All right, thanks.