push changes that don't automatically propagate on mobile app

So if I change the icon of my mobile app, that doesn't push to the users as a automatically uploaded change.  Even if I generate the app again it doesn't show the new icon on users system.  Is there a way to push this as a needed update?

Hi Jason,

Mobile apps delivered with OutSystems are ready to be installed an run on iOS and Android devices. The way we achieve it, is by generating hybrid applications.

That being said, when you change the icon of your mobile app, you're actually changing a native aspect of your application, meaning that the change won't be propagated to your end users. You'd have to generate a new mobile app, publish it to the corresponding store, and your users would have to update the app.

I hope this answers your question. 

Should you have any question, feel free to ask.


Ricardo Alves

Hello Jason,

You can see which changes to mobile apps are not automatically propagated to the end-users in this documentation page:


With some careful planning, it may be possible to avoid these "hard updates" to mobile apps as much as possible, while leveraging the automatic updates which are much more user-friendly.

Ricardo, ah, I am using a adhoc license so not actually publishing it to the app store.