LifeTime Analytics

LifeTime Analytics


In LifteTIme Client Analytics, it is possible to view:

- Client Performance

- Browser

- Operating System

Is it possible to add Browser screen resolution?

Hi Matthias,

This is currently not possible. You can integrate 3rd party analytics (Google) to get more detailed analytics.

You could also create an idea to add this to a future build.

Kind regards,



It is possible without 3rd party analitycs all data is already available within LifeTime. You could get insight by creating a LifeTime PlugIn, the screenresolution is logged within LifeTime API, But:

- LifeTime Monitoring API ==> This API is deprecated. To understand how to retrieve or register request-related statistics, see the PerformanceMonitoring API.

- PerformanceMonitoring API ==> This API is currently available as a supported beta version. It is subject to change as a result of product updates. In a future release the API will become a regular part of the product, with limited and documented changes.

Think i have a look at GeoPerformace LifeTimePlugin; latest version is using PerformaceMonitoring API.


PerformanceMonitoring API is regular part of the product now; see p10 documentation