Display Images from Database


I have a DB table I'm using to store images. The table includes a binary attribute for the image and a filename. I have successfully implemented an upload and now I have multiple images stored in this database table.

I understand how to display an image from a database, however, I am looking for guidance on displaying a particular image. As it is with default database properties set the same image is being selected every time. Here are the properties i have configured for the image widget:

Type: Database

Filename: GetClientImagesByTenantId.List.Current.ClientImages.FileName

Cache: No Cache

Attribute: ClientImages.Image

Entity Identifier: GetClientImagesByTenantId.List.Current.ClientImages.Id

Hi Travis,

This could be caused by browser caching. Take a look at my post here.

Aurelio Santos wrote:

Hi Travis,

This could be caused by browser caching. Take a look at my post here.

Thank you, Aurelio. I think the problem is more that I don't know how to specify which image in the database should be displayed. All I know is how to set the properties, but how do i customize to say select a certain image filename or even a certain image id to be displayed on a certain page from the DB?


You're gonna have to filter the aggregate that fetches the image from the database. I don't know what your particular business case is, so I can't tell you exactly how to do that. But usually, images are associated to some other entity. Let's use "Product" as an example. If you created a "ProductImage" entity to store product images, you'd have a "ProductId" attribute. If you then wanted to show an image from a specific product, you'd filter the aggregate that fetches the image by the ProductId value.

I hope this helps.


In mobile you need a List (to fetch data from DB) and an List Item which include  the image widget, but in Image Attribute you only need change the type and get the Binary Data

Hope to help =)