movie assignment

I new to outsystems and I am trying to familiarize my self in this very great platform. I am now doing the movie assignment and got stocked on Assignment 7, I really don't understand this part:

"You also need to add an Event to the block called SelectSessionEvent with an input parameter named MovieSessionId. This event should be triggered when the user selects a movie session. The BuyTicket screen will then handle the event, and store the MovieSessionId value sent in the event in the screen local variable."

I have done all I can do and redo it many times but still I can't get the answer. Does any one here has a finished product of the Movie Assignment, please do send me a link for me to see the correct process of the app. I will really appreciate any reply, god bless and more power.

Hi Richard,

The events allow to create a communication channel from blocks to their parent (a screen for instance).

In this case the idea is to trigger the event when a session is selected, then the parent of the block (the BuyTicket screen) will handle/receive the event and take action.

The action that the screen will execute depends on your own buy ticket logic in the screen, but it will be probably something like allowing the user to move the next step and select the seat.

Miguel Domingues


I do have the same problem.
I understand the plan: when selecting the movie session, the parent (BuyTicket screen) must be informed about the selected sessionID and based on that ID will display the Seats block (how that screen will magically refresh is magic to me and also not described but hey, one step at a time).

I've created the event and its variable. I then populated the screen block with a list of sessions (not described) and then added the block to the list group in the BuyTicket screen. That allowed me to refer to the event and create an event that should update the localVariable "MovieSessionID". There I get stuck.
It seems that event is not triggered, I added a message and even an exception but nothing happens..

Is would be nice to have a finished product.

Anyone got though this assignment 7 successfully?



Im also new to outsystems and im stuck on this same area and i worked on it for hours and also looked up how event in blocks are handled and still cant get it to work properly. Nothing happens when you click on the movie session. Its suppose to update the parent than the IF is suppose to switch over to the seat selection but ive had no luck and i have tried so many different ways to make it happen. So i answer or the finished project for us to look at would be awesome.