[eMail Services] RichMail pop3getMail or Pop3GetBody

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Published on 2010-12-22 by André Vieira
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Published on 2010-12-22 by André Vieira

Hi All,

Is there any sample that how to use the Pop3GetBody or Pop3GetMail in RichMail ? Thanks.

Best regards,

Edison Kueh.

To explain further, i'm developing a customer support system, whereby the business user request when a customer send an email to the specific emaill account (for example: Support@outsystems.com), the system will auto capture the email title, body content, and so on and store it into the DB, and after that a support ticket will be created. 

However, i m looking for a solution in forge, and eventually i found that RichMail - Pop3GetMail might fulfill my requirement. But unfortunately that i have no idea that how to make it works. Hope that someone can give me an idea that how to use it or provide me some sample. Thanks.  


I was looking into an example of RichMail too.

If anyone could supply it.

Best regards,

João Santos