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Published on 2 Oct by Labs
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Published on 2 Oct by Labs


I was wondering if I want to use forbade on web app I should include some library from firebase site or I can reuse this plugin?

Thank you.

Hi Mykola,

This component needs the UI web block so it only works for mobile/new runtime modules.
You can always use the firebase js sdk for a web app.



I started testing the "Firebase Web" component, set up the firebase project and configured my eSpace following the "How to Configure the Firebase Plugin" thread.

I included a call to GetFirebaseData in my preparation, included the FirebaseReceiver in the screen like this:

I then I did a POST following Google's help using the POSTMAN extension (substituting the YOUR-SERVER-KEY and DEVICE_REGISTRATION_TOKEN), but I get an error message of "InvalidRegistration". This allegedly indicates that the Token GetFirebaseData() is returning is invalid or unknown.

Am I missing a step somewhere?



Hi Miguel,

My bet would be that the example you're using from "Google's help" is for the Firebase SDK 3 while our component, including the generated token, is for Firebase SDK 2.

That said, Firebase web now has a notify action that uses a rest api. You can check how it is implemented and how you can do it with Postman.
Feel free to start a new thread on the Firebase Web component if you have any dificulty doing the web request from Postman.


Can't we just copy and paste the html snippet from the firebase for our web app? And would it work if did so.

i tried adding the html snippet from firebase to expression widget in my web app but it popped up an error