is it possible to link people with the app togather say if two people have the app and i want to make it so they can share the data they do on the app is this possible?

Can you make it more detailed ? i have trouble understanding this .



U can let them use your app with the same user account, is this a possibility?

Yes you can, but you have to share the same username/password to these users. 

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Remco Dekkinga

Hi Alex,

The other answers are correct... assuming one interpretation of your question.

Assuming another interpretation, my answer would be:

By default, the data structures you create on an OutSystems app are stored on the server, and thus the data is accessible to any application user, depending on the logic of your application.

Bottom line: you need to get the question right, to make sure you get the right answer.


Hey Alex, 

Please rename this title to better reflect the question or the answer you are seeking. Also, in the future, adding more detail and explaining your problem more will help you get a speedier reply and better solution.