Hi guys, i'm currently have problem with reading excel file.
The input file has some rows and columns which was formatted like the below picture. 

Now i want to read some specific cells (1000, 10001000, DungTV30, etc) and they don't have any headers on top of them.
Afaik , Outsystem only work if those columns have headers. But this file is auto generated by another system so i cannot create any.
Anyone know how to read cell by X-Y-Axis?
Please help me.

You should take a look at the Forge components that can deal with Excel files. The Platform doesn't support it out of the box.

HI Tung Vu,

There are Excel components available in Forge for dealing with excel file .Even though the platform doesn't support it out of the box but you can certainly edit those components and make them like you want.

For example The Excel Package component uses Epplus dll for dealing with excel stuffs , you can just edit the component by opening it through integration studio \visual studio.

Please attach the excel that you want to read , i will change the extension and provide it to you.



Hi Jain and Hekhuis .
Well, this is the file that i have to deal with it.

The information i want to get are the same as i mention on 1st post (all information that relate to Fingerprint ID, Employee Code, etc).
I tried Advanced Excel, but it's kinda hard to use, like , from how it look, i think i can get exactly the location of 1 cell, but i don't know how to get them all.

Thinking about some workaround with Java and integrate them into Outsystem.