Hi to all,

I do not know if you can help me with this issue but since we have version 9.1 Bali that Service Studio has very large lag times, which makes code typing slow.

In this youtube video is a short example where I just entered a formula and removed a "* 100" and re-entered the same text to get a sense of what I'm talking about.

This is going to be very detrimental in development and debug times, and we needed to know if there is any configuration / tip to improve performance.

We are also analyzing with our team of networks that says that communication times are normal, and I have also searched the forums of OutSystems but find no similar situation.

We use personnal computers without SSD disks and with the software PGP (Pretty Good Privacy is an encryption program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. PGP is often used for signing, encrypting, and decrypting texts, e-mails, files, directories, and whole disk partitions and to increase the security of e-mail communications) because company security impositions.

Thanks in advance,
Alexandrino Galveia

Hi Alex

Can you provide the oml in order to understand what might be causing that delay?

Hi again,

The problem is not in the OML.

But it becomes clear that the larger the OML, the greater the lag sense.

Thanks in advance.

Alex. wrote:

Hi again,

The problem is not in the OML.

But it becomes clear that the larger the OML, the greater the lag sense.

Thanks in advance.

What size is the OML in the youtube video?

This specific OML has 11.4 MB and we know it is large and should be reduced.

However, we feel this lag in all omls.

Feels less on the small OMLs and more on the bigger OMLs.

We are not looking for errors or simple solutions, we just want to understand if this situation is due to the speed of the disks of the machines where we developed, and if the PGP software also has a negative influence on this aspect.

It's indeed a very large OML and you should definitely split it.

The speed of disk is more important when loading the OML from disk or in case the machine runs out of free physical memory. When editing that particular OML can you check the memory consumption of the Service Studio process as well as the free memory available, in task manager?

I attached my task manager.

Well it seems ok.

I cannot point a concrete cause for the problem (besides the size of the OML) without looking at it.

I just did a test on a pc without PGP, connected to the same server, the same network, and the same OML with 11.4 MB and on the pc without PGP I have almost no lag in the pc with PGP I have the lag that I demonstrated in the video.

The tests prove that the lag is from PGP with Service Studio.

Do you had tests been done with this PGP software and Service Studio 9.1 Bali?

As you can imagine its almost impossible to test the platform with every software in the market. We do test all the platform components with all the supported stacks (operating systems, database engines, ...).

Do not misunderstand me I'm not asking you to test with PGP software, or with any other specific software.

My question is whether they had already tested or have already had any issue regarding this PGP software.

This is because this software is used, necessarily, in large companies such as privacy and personal computer security.

We are not aware of recent issue reports regarding this software.

Ok, João, thank you for your feedback.

At this moment I am mounting a virtual machine on an external SSD with USB 3.0 to bypass the PGP software, then if you want, I can give the feedback here about the result.

Have a good weekend.



I finished my tests and I came to the conclusion that the better the disk access speed (SSD preferred) and without encryption software, the better the Service Studio performance.

This is the tip for everyone in the community.

If anyone needs any further information, please contact me and I will try to respond and help you the best way possible.

And once again thank the community for the help they have given me.

Best regards to all