Manage shown columns in a screen


My requirement is like that.

As a user,

I want to select which columns are shown on the Project List screen.

For that, I should access a panel that allows me to select which project fields are to show.

The systems should store my preferences and until I change then show what I requested. The project name is always shown.

How should I achieve this? Please advice.

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Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj, how are you man?

Take a look at this component:

Might help you.. ;)

Hello Suraj,

I've done this a couple of times and I also already use this component, but its not that easy to accomplish :P

I'll share my ideia, hopefully others share theirs:

- Create a screen to manage the columns you want to show or hide and save that configuration per user.

- On the list table attach a CSS class that checks if the user has selected to view that table, and if not you apply a css that will hide the column

If for instance you also want to  change the order of the columns then you could apply something like this in combination.

Hope this helped.

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Jo Joao.

I am good and currently in Switzerland :). Thanks for the link.

Cristiano: Thanks for the idea. I will try to adapt.