So I have a request from the user to when a new task comes into the the taskbox, a notification must be sent and a sound alarm is triggered.

For the sound alarm I am good to go , but since I cannot change the EPA_taskbox component I cannot trigger the notification.

I've looked into the forge and it appears to exist a solution, but only for Microsoft SQL , and I'm running a Oracle one .. 

I know i can do this by marking a javascript that checks constantly if there is a new task and then triggers the alarm, but that would mean i would have to put it on a schedule of 10 secs, and since this is going to be on all pages it will put quite a load on the server.

The server is a on premises one and running on version if it helps.

Best Regards, and thanks in advance.

Hello Paulo,

Can you elaborate a bit more what you mean by "a notification must be sent"? Can't that be hooked to the same place where you're hooking the alarm?

In terms of forge solution, do you mean the Taskbox Plus? Does it do what you need?


Hey Rodrigo , 

What I mean is that the EPA taskbox must send a notification (via Notify Widget or something of the sort) and then I would have to handle that notification (which is the easy part), but I can't trigger the notification from the EPA taskbox since is a system component.

I already checked that and it seems that it only works for MS database, and I couldn't also get it to understand how the notification is triggered from there.

Thanks for putting your time trying to help me,

Best Regards,


Hi Paulo,

There's a development version of Taskbox Plus that, according to the comments, has the Oracle queries built in. Have you tried that? You can fetch it here.

Good luck!


Hey Rodrigo , 

I had checked it before, like I stated on my 1st post, but probably i forgot to change the db ... so it was why it was giving me the errors... /facepalm 

Thanks, I will mark this as answered.