When a site property is changed from one data type (number) to another (text), it will cause an internal error during run time and in the debugger, without any error is logged.


  1. Create a site property of type integer and set a value.
  2. Display the site property in a screen.
  3. Publish and run the app. All is fine so far.
  4. Change the site property to data type text and set a new value.
  5. Publish and run the app, you will get an internal error.
  6. Try to start the debugger, again 500 server error.
  7. Check the error log and there nothing about this error.

Version 9.1.603.0

To make it work, the site property has to be deleted; publish and added back with the new data type.

Can this be fixed in future versions?


Hello Stanley,

Thanks for reporting this error! I've submitted it to our teams and it will be fixed in a future release.



Try this again in 10.0.611.0, it gives a database error during publish now. Although not the magic bullet I hoped for but it may be due to the potential disaster of changing the data type in the back end table.



I have the same error... :( The bug still remains in 10.0.707.0 version... 

in my case I have it changed from integer to text and it throws an error during the publication. 

Delete the site property and paste it back does fix this issue for me.

Thanks  for the information , The bug is still there in version 10.0.830.0.  I came across the same problem today I have 2 site properties of type integer set with a default value of 1460 and when running a test found that the values were being set to 1 .The only way I got rid of the problem was to delete the site property and set it up again