When completing exercise 2 (Create Data Model) I get an error message when publishing my module ToDoCore_AnKa : "Outdated Consumer | Consumer module 'ToDo_AnKa' is outdated."

I re-published my ToDo_AnKa module (no errors) and re-published the ToDoCore_AnKa, but I get the same error message again.

I'm using Service Studio 10.0

I think you need to Publish ToDoCore_AnKa first and than take it reference in  ToDo_AnKa module and publish it . Please try this .



My changed ToDoCore was only published locally.

I don't know how, but eventually my ToDoCore was uploaded to the cloud, then I published my ToDo again followed by the ToDoCore. This time there were no error message.

Maybe someone can tell me why the ToDoCore wasn't published to the cloud right away? Internet connection was up all the time.