Change the location of the personal environment cloud


Is it possible to change the physical location of the personal cloud?  I believe the default for the free personal environment is in the US.

I am trying to connect with webservices offered by a betting company called Betfair and they restrict access from the US for legal reasons.

Is is possible for the webservices to see my actual location,  UK,  rather than the cloud location,  US?


Hello Simon,

Unfortunately, is not possible to "move" the personal environment to another location. Currently, the Personal Environments are only available in the US region.

To workaround the regional restrictions of your service integration, you'll need to proxy the request on a UK service. I'm unaware of any free service that might allow you to configure the web service proxy, but a simple NAT setup in a server running in the UK will do the trick.

Hope this info helps.


Thanks for the response - I have no idea how to setup NAT, do you have anywhere you can point me for further information?  I don't mind paying for a service if I need to.

Hello Simon,

Actually, thinking again on the problem. the NAT solution doesn't solve the problem. Sorry for misleading you. 

The NAT was designed to work between a private network and the internet, transparently masquerading the traffic origin. This cannot be applied in the Personal Environment because it would redirect all traffic from the Personal Environments ecosystem. 

What you need would be something like a redirect service, but since most likely the integration is secure (using SSL channels through HTTPS), this presents a problem as you don't have access to the target certificates.

In addition, any attempt to circumvent the integration country restriction, presents it self as a violation of the service agreements, so this is not recommend.

You can consider building an integrated app in a UK service or system, and expose the app APIs so you can integrate your personal environment.

At the moment, only our payed cloud offer is available in other regions besides the US.