Not able to add parameters


I able to login to the service studio now.

I was trying to build an application and I am not able to add the input parameters below.

How can I do that?

When I click on it, I get below screenshot with no option to add parameter.

I was referring below video to build this.

Hello Shweta,

That video is a bit old (still using simple querys and not aggregates) which no longer exist in platform 9 and 10.

On aggregates any local variable can be used as a parameter. Please create a variable on your action/screen and add use it on the filters. That should solve your issue.

Best regards,


Hi Cris,

Thanks for your quick response. I am not sure how can I do that.

I was wondering if you have new videos uploaded on YouTube (based on platform 9 and 10).

I will give me a better understanding of how it works in Platform 9 and 10.


Shweta Mukta