Hi all,

hope someone can help me.

I have an URL-Part like "cdeefe68-f9db-481a-9640-849f6f9e62a5.result?sv=2012-02-12&se=2017-01-24T07:00:00Z&sr=b&si=downloadResults&sig=ELYNaKqw1QqNYeX3s3NP1q6tbFbObl4mNq4faeYcxM="

and i want to submit this part to a REST-Connection. When i make a Log-Entry BEFORE the REST-Call everything is fine, but when i call the REST-API Logs tell me the REST-Interface tries to call


I tried a lot of things to Decode the URL but nothing works ...... any Ideas what to do?

Hi Jens

Are you using URL parameters or did you paste the entire URL above when consuming the REST API?